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"The Outsider"

s. Condell is a New York born, multi-disciplied, self taught Painter and Sculptor, working primarily in oils on canvas, limestone, granite and bronze. One warm summer night in 1977, Condell went to sleep and began dreaming about art. The dreams of paintings and sculptures were so over whelmingly powerful that they caused a life changing catharsis and literally overnight, he gave up his financial career and all else to pursue a life in the arts. The hundreds of paintings and sculpture that since have become his body of work, are his life's most important accomplishments and the fulfillment of that fateful nights dreams.

Upon awakening the next morning, he immediately went to work and in that first year created "Dachau", "Still Life With Apple", "Women On the Beach", "The Acrobat", "The Bather"and "The Juggler". All were carved from stone he found buried in his pasture in Manchaca, Texas. He continued to carved for 5 years, creating the 35 or so sculptures that comprise the early works of his sculpture portfolio. Most were designed as marquettes for submittal as public arts proposals. After years of stone carving he turned his attention to painting. Painting, like sculpture, would be new to him. In his pursuit of excellence he persisted in those early years, producing over 100 oil paintings and sculptures. Both his sculpture and painting styles ranged from abstract figurative to architectural, sometimes combining the two as in "Minataur and the Lady" . He drew his style inspirations from the Masters of the late 19th and the first half of the 20th century. His subject matter was and still is a reflection of his personal environment, woman, CNN and his personal experiences with relationships. Many of his sculptures and paintings depict social crisis such as "Kobe", representative of the 1994 earthquake in Japan, the 50th anniversary of the destruction of "Hiroshima", the genocide and refugee crisis in "Goma" and "Baldoa" that afflicted Rwanda and the killing fields in "Scheveneiza", Yugoslavia. His New York roots are well displayed in his architectural pieces. He sometimes uses, in his sculpture, a technique he calls "Sculptural Assemblage". In using this technique, he tries to excite; creating a premise using common architectural icons and combinies these icons to tell a story. Whether it be urban degradation caused by economic recession and neglect, as seen in "City State" and "Infrastate", or "Waterworks", in which he demonstrates societies ingenuity in fulfilling its fundamental needs, his purpose is to make the viewer aware of the state of the human condition. He's also rendered his biographical background in pieces such as "High Society", "La Famille" and "Family". Though, sometime capturing levity in his works, "Monkeys of Tulum". "Lobster Soup" and 'Unbalanced" you'll can also see his dark sides as in "House Afire" or "Drowning". Most recently he is back in New York, working on a series of figurative nudes as seen in "The Wedding", "Nowhere Man", "The Shy One", "Lunching Nudes", "Jenifer", "Raven", "The Gathering ", "Beach Combers" and "Parisian Ladies". He tries to takes what would seem to be a mundane moment and capture in a snapshot, the cerebral and emotional importance of that moment. Most of the works on this site are a retrospective of those early years, though some are of more recent vintage.Condell is a serious practitioner "Self Portrait" and tenacious in his pursuit of bringing his views of the human situation to those that pursue a new and provocative vision. Take the time and enjoy the works of one of America's most prolific "Outsider" artists.