love gone its way


no kiss

no hug

no sign of love

no chance of tenderness

a hollowness

so much amiss

when love has gone its way


I needed more

you needed less

the strain

the pull

cost love, distress

we couldn't talk

you had to walk

the fabrics fray

then loves gives way


no spoon

no swoon

no touch of flesh

no stomachs touching

no hand on breasts

aloneness lives here

that now will stay

since that good love

has gone its way


I think

to link

the reasons why

we had to turn

and say good-bye

for lust has left

for that I mourn

we turned our back

for love had gone


there you go

here I stay

that's the cost

love, gone its way

we're still best friends

but will we stay

the final cost

love gone its way