One Day

I've been an artist for 10 year
the world of art brings me to tears
the nea was in the past
cause the art it supported
was deemed to crass

installation, they call it art,
pennies in a pile
a bottle full of fart
cutting edge, they say its ahead
video art
if you want to make bread

the genre the masters
worked in times gone by
oils, and stone, can't catch ones eye
if your working with chisel
you'll be poor when you die

the gallery scene
a business at best
to live you must fast
treat artists like free slaves
and ask them for half

your works  undiscovered
your talents not  your name
when your gone your  important
but if your not a Picas
you come up lame

Rejection rejection
every day, every day
its a staple of life
forget the insurrection
the course I must stay

painting and sculpting
with no pay causes strife
if it weren't for the beauty
I'd choose a new life