The Question is


The answers are not black or white

To help or not

Turn left or right

To think of self

Or our fellow kind

To turn to brawn

Or use ones mind

The questions is what's wrong - what's right

Not up or down

That's not our plight

To put our fate in others hands

To take control

To have a plan


The answers not support our foes

Or blame each other for our woes

The questions not to turn our backs

To jerk in fear

And then attack

The reasons for uncertainty

The question is

Who are we


We are all different

That is true

Some pledge to red

While others blue

Some subscribe to hate

While others love

Some pride the hawk

Some the dove

Those so sure, with their wretched plea

Were different true

But who are we



Despise the low

Cry the high

Get a job

And you'll get by

Family values

That's our code,

Get a job

Lighten up our load

The question is why don't you see

The blinded ask

Who are we


The answer is what wrong or right

Why hate each other

Not take delight

For peace at home

Yet we're at war

To feed our own

That we abhor



To hate our differences

It's so unkind

To turn our back

That question mine

We are a family

I'm you, your me

The question is

Who are we